10R: 3/4/15

source Today we are going to work in groups of 3 as the basis for our review of commas.

comprare cialis online garanzia Each group will be assigned a rule:
  • Group 1 – FANBOYS
  • Group 2 – Items in a series
  • Group 3 – Non-essential information
  • Group 4 – Introductory element
  • Group 5 – Interrupter (however, moreover, etc.)
  • Group 6 – Direct address to a person Each group member must pick a job:
  • Rule Definer
    • Write a clear and concise definition of the rule
    • Be prepared to share the rule with the class
  • Question Writer
    • Write one multiple choice question where there is a comma error.
    • The error in the sentence should be underlined.
    • There should be 4 choices, all of which are attempts to correct the error.
    • One of the answers should correctly use the comma based on your group’s assigned rule.
  • Rule Changer
    • Take the original incorrect sentence the Question Writer wrote.
    • Then, change the sentence in such a way where the new sentence correctly uses one of the other comma rules of your choice. HW: Review all of the comma rules as you prepare for Friday’s quiz.