10R: 2/6/15

Today we are going to start with a review of independent clauses, semi-colons, and commas.

semi colon work copy

Then we are going to move to a short thematic writing assignment.


  • Identify a theme in Lord of the Flies, and support the theme with a specific analysis of the novel that is based on one example of textual evidence.
    • Your paragraph must open with a focused topic sentence.
    • Your paragraph must incorporate one example of textual evidence.
    • Your paragraph should be 6-8 sentences.
    • Your paragraph must incorporate a reference to two of the three additional literary elements listed:
      • tone
      • metaphor
      • symbol
      • mood


  • Completed paragraphs due in class on Monday.  The paragraph can be on your iPad.
  • There will be a semi-colon and comma quiz next week.  Exact date TBD.