10R: 2/4/15

Today we are going to review a few of your Post Secrets.

Period 7 Secrets

Then we will build on our conversation by completing a short writing assignment.

  • Based on our conversation about specific characters in Lord of the Flies, write a 6-7 sentence paragraph that explores how one of the kids in the novel is characterized.
  • Your paragraph should open with a focused topic sentence.  Your topic sentence should be structured as follows:
    • In the novel Lord of the Flies, ____________ is characterized as ___________.
    • This idea is seen when ______________.
    • Quote to support the last bullet.
    • Now provide another example to support your topic sentence.  Make sure you analyze the example by specifically connecting it to your topic sentence.

HW: Finish this paragraph for tomorrow.  You can have the completed paragraph on your iPad, or you can write it on paper.