10H: 1/20/15

  • Today, we will be working in groups of 5.
  • When you open today’s assignment, you will see instructions for a lit. circle.
  • When you are placed in your groups, please choose from the roles of:
    • connector
    • summarizer
    • character commandant
    • mind muser
    • symbol sleuth
    • The DIRECTOR ROLE will not be filled; you will use the questions on the Director’s sheet for homework.
    • We will go over the roles in class, but once you start working, please reread the role and the corresponding task to make sure you understand it; this task will be your assignment for the day.

LOTF Ch. 9-10 Lit Circle Activity

HW: Complete the questions on the Director’s sheet from today’s PDF

LOTF 9-10 HW 1:20:15