10H: 1/13/15

Today you will explore metaphors in Lord of the Flies.

Monsters & Metaphors

HW: Read chapter 6 & complete a dialectical journal.


  • On your essay rubric, you will see a bunch of numbers; I needed to convert your final draft grade to a number out of 40.  The Roslyn English Department rubric, however,  is out of 30.  Then this number was converted to a number out of 100.  Then, I multiplied the number out of 100 by .4 because this grade was 40% of the final grade.  This number says “Final” above it.
  • Then, I added in your grade for Harvard Outline Draft 1 (HO1) and Harvard Outline Draft 2 (HO2).
  • Finally, I added 20 points at the end which was Essay Draft 1 and Essay Draft 2.  Everybody in the class got the full 20 points for this because everybody worked well in class.
  • Your final test grade is the number circled on the rubric.