10H : 11/3/14

Today we are going to begin our review for Wednesday’s test.

The test will be multiple choice and short answer.

The short answer questions will be graded as follows:  50% accuracy of ideas & 50% clarity of writing

The short answer questions will focus on the literary elements and devices and will be similar to the quizzes you took last week.

The majority of the multiple choice questions will require a close reading and a focused analysis of the text.

Please complete the following assignment with your group:

The Catcher in the Rye Test Review

This assignment is due tomorrow in class for a HW grade.

Your group only has to hand in one copy, although you can hand in separate pages if you split up the work.  If you hand in one copy, please make sure every group member’s name is on the sheet.

HW: 1.  Catcher review sheet due tomorrow.  2.  Begin studying for Wednesday’s test.