10H : 10/21/14

real viagra Today we started class by reviewing strategies to formulate a coherent and focused analysis of the text.

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http://femininemoneymagic.com/?x=5-htp-drug-interactions-adderall-and-viagra Please click on this link to read an article¬†from yesterday’s edition of The New York Times.

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get link When you are finished reading this piece, write a one-page response that explores a specific connection between this article and The Catcher in the Rye.

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other drugs besides viagra Your response should have a clear topic sentence that makes an explicit connection between the article and the novel.

http://edgplancollection.com/?x=viagra-drug-contraindications-for-vancomycin Likewise, your response should have at least one quote from the article and one quote from the novel.

new viagra like drugs This will be checked tomorrow for a homework grade.

cheap viagra in usa HW: Make sure the one-page response is completed for tomorrow’s class.