10R : 10/9/14

Today we are going to do an “around the class” activity.

  • Group 1: 88-90
  • Group 2: 91-93
  • Group 3: 94-96
  • Group 4: 97-98

Each group is responsible for completing the following for the assigned pages:

  • Brief plot summary & presenter
  • Key quote
    • explanation of quote
    • tone of speaker in the quote
  • Symbolic action analysis
    • how does one selected action – any action – symbolize something else.
    • Model Answer: When Holden decides to sit in the opposing team’s bleachers for the Pency Prep football game, this action symbolizes Holden’s social standing as an outsider.
  • Connection to Movie/TV/Novel
    • Find one specific connection – any kind of connection – between a chosen passage in your section and a movie, tv show, or novel.
    • Your response must cite a specific quote from Catcher and a specific moment from the movie, show, or novel.
  • Theme Identification
    • Identify one theme from your section, and provide textual evidence to support this theme.

Tomorrow is our summer reading Socratic Seminar.

Please review the following questions and be prepared to share your ideas with the group:

Summer Reading 2014 – Seminar Questions for Malala Day

Tomorrow’s class will be held in Lecture Hall A.

HW: 1. Read chapter 14  2. Be prepared for tomorrow’s summer reading seminar  3. Vocab quiz on 10/14