In the introduction of a production of The Bacchae, The Texas A & M University Theatre states, “The Bacchae powerfully dramatizes the conflict between the emotional and the rational sides of the human psyche.”

To begin, please complete the following chart to organize your thoughts:


  • In your Writer’s Notebook, use the statement above as a thesis.
  • Then, in a 1-2 page hand-written response, prove the thesis with a focused analysis of the play.
  • Your analysis can use any of the information from the first 25 pages you’ve read so far.
  • Your response must use each of the following terms at least once:
    • Theme
    • Mood
    • Tone
    • Characterization

Your writing will be checked tomorrow as a minor grade.

When you are finished, you can quietly and independently work on anything else you need.

The expectation is you will not play any games on any devices.