discount viagra Today we’re going to carefully review the Roslyn English Department Rubric.

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follow It will take us multiple efforts to truly understand the rubric.  However, once you understand the nuanced differences between each category & score, then your writing will greatly improve.

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http://sea-legs.com/dealer/order-propecia/ The following observations address the issues that most frequently occurred:


source site rubric-analysis


order generic accutane online Here are two sample student essays that earned 6/6 in each category:


go here sample-legacy-essay

go to site sample-essay-2

http://virgin-yachts.com/?search=cialis-in-usa YOUR HOMEWORK TASK:

  1. For each category on the rubric, you need to carefully analyze your essay to understand why you earned that grade.   This requires that you read the essay 5 separate times (each time with an eye on a specific category in the rubric).
  2. For each category, you need to edit your work in an attempt to move up 1 point in that category.  This work can be done by placing a star/notation in the area(s) where you want to change something then writing the change on a separate sheet of paper or document.
  3. This work will count as a Minor Grade, and it will be checked in class on Monday.
  4. You must be prepared to share your work with the class.