FroHum: 6/8/16 Final Review

Today we’re going to begin our practice for Part 3 of the final exam.

This assignment will count as a Major Grade for Quarter 4.

The typed essay must be submitted through by Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

Essays submitted late will automatically lose 20 points.

Please keep in mind that you have approximately 40 minutes to write this essay on the final.

For this practice, I suggest you write a first draft of this assignment in 40 minutes.  This will give you a sense of timing for the exam.  Then, go back and edit your work as you see fit before you submit through

Part 3 Practice for Romeo & Juliet

Here is a suggested outline for your essay:

  • Introduction
    • Introduce topic
    • Move to your focused thesis
  • Body Paragraph 1
    • Focused topic sentence supporting your position
    • Refer to two articles in support of your position
    • Use literary elements as part of your analysis
  • Body Paragraph 2
    • Focused topic sentence exploring the counter-arguement
    • This paragraph should explicitly show that you understand the opposing claim
    • Refer to specific textual evidence when exploring the opposing claim
    • You should then provide a clear reason why this position is invalid
  • Conclusion
    • Provide one final thought/insight
    • Come back to your opening thesis