FroHum: 5/6/16 Over the last few days, we closely examined the song “Alexander Hamilton” from the Broadway show Hamilton.

viagra wonder drug ethical responsibility definition Today we’re going to examine tone in two songs from the show.

cheap female viagra overnight delivery More specifically, we’re going to speculate about how the tone of two songs symbolize the stages of life that George Washington is experiencing.

viagra online generic First, listen to the song “Right Hand Man.”  Consider the role that tone plays in the characterization of George Washington as a young, aggressive General ready to lead America to victory against British forces.

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viagra and other similar drugs Then, watch the performance of “One Last Time”.  Consider the role that tone plays in the characterization of George Washington as a mature, wise President who voluntarily steps down and sets a precedent for a two-term limit for Presidents.

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viagra uk Finally, compose a thesis that explores the shift in tone seen in both songs.

What does the shift in tone suggest about George Washington?  To answer this, you must have two fully developed paragraphs that look at each performance.

Your final draft should be two full pages in your journal.  It should include a focused thesis and two developed body paragraphs.  Each paragraph must have a specifically focused topic sentence.

Completed Final Drafts are due in class on Monday.