10H: 5/5/16

watch Yesterday you wrote a paragraph about the mood in “Alexander Hamilton”.


pfizer viagra free samples Today you’re going to write a paragraph about how Alexander Hamilton is characterized in the song.


http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=viagra-us Like yesterday, your paragraph must begin with a focused topic sentence. You must include at least two other literary elements in your paragraph, and you must have at least two quotes as textual evidence.

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canadian viagra and healthcare Your paragraph must be at least a full page, and it will be checked tomorrow along with yesterday’s paragraph.


click HW:

  • Click on this link to read a review of Hamilton.
  • Then, write a 1-page journal response to the review. What intrigues you? What doesn’t interest you? Respond in detail to any element of the review. The guidelines are wide open because this is a free-response.

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