FroHum: 4/14/16

Yesterday we spoke about the function of storytelling as a marketing tool for a number of religions.

With that in mind, please read & annotate the following article:

FroHum – The Moral of the Story

After you have read & annotated the article, please write a 1-page journal entry on the following:

  • Write about a story that has impacted your life a concrete way.
    • First, explain the specific story to which you’re referring and detail the way you came to the story.  Did you choose the story?  Was it on TV? A magazine? A book? A religious text?
    • Consider how you gained inspiration from the story.  How so?  Specifically describe what you did in response to the story.
    • Consider a particular lesson you learned and explain how you used that lesson in your life.
    • You can also go in your own direction in response to this prompt.
  • Journal entries must be one full hand-written page in your journal.