FroHum: 4/12/16

Yesterday, you should have read the first 22 pages of The Book of Matthew.

Today, I’d like you to first read this structural overview the work:

Click this link to read the overview.

When you are finished reading this overview, please go back to last night’s reading and try to piece together what you read.  You should re-read the entire work and make the connections between the overview and The Book of Matthew.

There should be a clear attempt in writing for you to annotate and piece things together: notes in the margins, questions ready to ask with pages references, and connections between the overview I gave you today and the reading.  You will not get credit for the HW unless there is ample evidence of the work you completed to try and independently figure it out.   

Do not get overwhelmed with character names, especially in the opening of the story; rather, focus on what you know and what you can piece together.

Reading the opening 22 pages once and saying you don’t understand is not going to work.