FroHum: 3/29/16

Today we’re going to begin our transition back to the chronological progression of our curriculum.

To bridge the connection between To Kill a Mockingbird & the rest of the curriculum, we’re going to examine the heroic qualities of the characters in the novel.


  • You will be assigned one of the following characters:
    • Scout
    • Jem
    • Atticus
    • Boo Radley
    • Tom Robinson
  • For your assigned character, you must specifically identify how your character experiences each of the steps on the traditional hero’s journey as we examined earlier in the year.
  • If your character does not experience one of the ten traditional steps on this journey, you must explicitly indicate how or why your character does not experience the step on the journey.


  • Each step on today’s activity must be complete with full sentences and a significant amount of textual evidence. ¬†Revisit all of the work you’ve done on prior worksheets. ¬†Use those quotes whenever possible.