FroHum: 3/15/16

Today we’re going to begin with a review of the grammar from yesterday.

Then I will take any questions on the assignments I returned yesterday.

Finally, we will begin our review for next Monday’s To Kill a Mockingbird exam.

To review, I suggest starting with major themes in the novel:

  • In the early 20th century America, all men were not “created equal.”
  • Sibling relationships can help one endure life’s challenges.
  • The law doesn’t always ensure justice.
  • People are often times afraid of the unknown.
  • Children benefit from strong role models.
  • Rumors can impact one’s public perception.
  • Courage is necessary to overcome life’s challenges.

For each theme, identify one example from the text to support the theme.  Then, go back and read three pages to put your quote in context: the page before the quote, the page with the quote, and the page after the quote.

Then, after you read those three pages, identify:

  • the tone of your chosen quote
  • a symbol or a symbolic action in your three-page reading
  • the mood of your chosen passage or one character’s mood in the passage
  • how one character is characterized in the passage & be able to cite one example of textual evidence to support your position


  • Continue studying for Monday’s TKAM exam
  • Complete the following grammar activity:
  • 9th Run On Worksheet