FroHum: 3/7/16

Over the weekend, you should have identified a number of quotes that you’d like to incorporate into your essay as textual support.

Today in class, you’re going to write your complete first draft of your essay.

I challenge you to incorporate one of your chosen quotes into your essay, then choose another quote to replace it.  Rewrite the sentence or the section and see which is more convincing.  Look at the drafts side-by-side and consider why one is more effective than the other.

Your homework tonight is to complete the first draft and print it out for tomorrow’s class.


  • Complete draft 1 of your essay
    • You will receive either a 100 or a 0 for this assignment.
    • Participation in tomorrow’s class requires you to have a printed version of the essay.  If you don’t have it, not only will you get a 0 for a classwork grade, but you will not get crucial feedback on your essay.
  • When the bell rings, you cannot leave class “to print it out”, “get it from your mom”, “go to the main office”, “go to your locker because you forgot it”, or any variation of the above excuses.  When the bell rings, you either have a printed copy of you don’t.