10H: 2/11/16

http://it-farmacia.com/informazioni-su-viagra.html Today you’re going to work in a group of three.


here Each group member is responsible for a close analysis of one of the three poems in the following link:


click Solitude Is Nasty Business: Three Poems by Matthew Lippman

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source Each group member must individually identify the following for the chosen poem:

  • Carefully examine the title of the poem & speculate about its meaning
  • Identify and explain a theme of the poem
  • Identify one example of alliteration
  • Identify two examples of imagery & speculate about the author’s intent with each example
  • Choose one line (can be more than one if necessary) and identify the tone of the speaker in the line and speculate about how the tone impacts the meaning of the line
  • The individual work is due in full tomorrow.  Each task must have a specific quote as supporting evidence.

go here When each member of the group is done with the work, share your ideas with your partners.  Your goal is to explain the meaning of the poem and provide a personal reflection on the work.  Then, the group must find at least two specific connections between the three works.  The connections can focus on structure, can find similarities in meaning or themes, or can identify the effective use of similar literary elements.

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