FroHum: 1/20/16

Today we’re going to begin with a review of commas.

Here is another copy of the same activities we completed before the December break:

Comma Preparation for Quiz

Each comma rule is explained on these worksheets, and the practice coordinates with the rule identified at the top of the page.

These are the rules that will be assessed on Friday’s quiz.

When we are finished with today’s conversation on commas, you can begin the following activity:

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 9 & 10


  • Today’s Chapter 9 & 10 work due tomorrow
  • Read & annotate chapter 11 for Friday 1/22
  • Commas quiz on Friday 1/22 (minor grade)
  • TKAM Part 1 Test on Monday 1/25 (major grade)
  • TKAM Vocabulary due 1/29