FroHum: 1/13/16

Today we will begin class with a review of chapter five.

We will then focus on themes in the first six chapters.

When you identify a theme in your writing, your theme should be a phrase that can be debated, and you must support that theme with a specific example from the text in the form of a quote.

tkam themes 1-6


  • TKAM Themes 1-6 worksheet due tomorrow (Classwork Grade)
  • Read & annotate chapter 7 (Minor Grade)
  • Independent Article Analysis due through on 1/19/16 (Major Grade)
  • due 1/29/16 (Minor Grade)
  • Comma Quiz Fri 1/22/16 (Minor Grade)
  • TKAM Part 1 Test Mon 1/25/16 (Major Grade)