FroHum: 11/16/15

Please independently complete the following comma worksheet:

comma review

When you are finished, please write a one-page response to the following writing prompt:

Upon hearing screams, you look up into the air and see a man falling to his death from a rooftop tour. All of a sudden, a bulky man in a camouflage jumpsuit swoops in, grabs the man and parachutes them both to safety. You catch up with the man afterward and it turns out he’s part of a secret project to protect citizens. This hero joined the Army shortly after a terrorist attack, hoping he could make a difference. He spends time away from his family while on assignment but he has a deep love for his wife, treating her with respect and appreciation. Why does he feel so compelled to help people he barely knows?  This prompt can be found at


  • Finish both assignments above
  • Your grammar HW from the weekend will also be checked tomorrow