FroHum: 11/12/15

Today we are going to discuss the metaphors identified by your groups.

Then we will use one sample as a model for a short writing assignment you will complete.

Finally, each student must complete the following writing task:

  • Write a paragraph about one of your group’s chosen metaphors.
  • Your paragraph must start with a focused topic sentence identifying what you are going to prove:
    • In (name of work & author), __________ is a metaphor for ___________. ┬áThe author’s intent with this metaphor is __________ (finish this sentence).
    • You must include at least one quote showing the reader your metaphor.
    • Your analysis must identify how the metaphor contributes to the mood of the selected work.
    • You must use the word characterize at least once as part of your analysis.
    • You should identify a theme that the metaphor helps to establish.
  • Your paragraph should be a full typed page.


  • Typed paragraphs due tomorrow.
    • The paragraphs can be on your iPad.
    • They do not have to be printed out.