FroHum: 11/4/15

Today we took Part 2 of our test.

If you were absent, your test is on file for you in the English Study Center.  It is your responsibility to take the exam on an off period within two days of your return.

Then we edited our essay drafts.

When editing, please address the following points:

  • Is your thesis clear?
  • Does your thesis explicitly use the term “theme”?
  • Does your topic sentence come early in the paragraph (s)?
  • Do your topic sentences clearly connect to the thesis?
  • Do the topic sentences use the same language as the thesis?
  • Does your textual evidence clearly support your topic sentence?
  • Is your textual evidence introduced?


  • Edit your essay based on today’s work.
  • Print out a 2nd draft for tomorrow.  To get credit, the work must be printed.