FroHum: 10/29/15

Do Now: Please have your thesis & topic sentences out so I can check your work.  Then, edit your topic sentences based on the following questions:

  • Do your topic sentences utilize the same language & key phrases as your thesis?  If not, edit this.
  • Do your topic sentences explicitly identify the specific works?  If not, add this.
  • Do your topic sentences specifically identify the examples you will use?    If not, add this.

Group Lesson:

Now we are going to explore how to identify a metaphor and how to analyze the function of that metaphor.  To do this, we are going to read the chapter “Four Skinny Trees” from Sandra Cisneros’ novella The House on Mango Street.

Four Skinny Trees

Then, when we finish reading this passage, we are going to begin the following activity:

metaphors in george gray and 4 skinny trees


  • Complete today’s worksheet (“George Gray” chart & questions)
  • 2 quotes from Gilgamesh & 2 quotes from the Bible due in class tomorrow.  Quotes must be written out along with coordinating pages numbers.  This can either be on paper or on your iPad