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FroHum: 10/28/15

  • First, you should write a 2nd draft of your thesis. Do this task without looking at your original thesis.  See how your second draft differs from you first.  Is it better? Worse? Choose which one you like better.
  • Second, ask yourself if your chosen thesis accurately & effectively identifies a theme from both works. Is the theme specific enough that it applies to both works but general enough that it can apply to another work or even your own life?
  • Third, see if your thesis explicitly uses the word “theme”?  If not, it is incorrect.
  • Fourth, see if the theme you identified is a cliche.  In other words, is your theme a phrase that you have heard before?  If so, rewrite the theme in your own words. HW:

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  • Read & annotate chapters 28-32
  • Topic sentences are due tomorrow