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viagra no prescription To submit an assignment to, you must be a valid member of the class.

get link To register for the class, you must use your email.
  • Step 1
    • Go to
  • Step 2
    • Click “Create Account” on the top of the page
  • Step 3
    • Follow all directions as prompted on the screen
    • You need to click “Enroll in a Class”
    • Once you click this, you will use the “Class ID” & “Password” information listed below
  • Step 4
    • Make sure you register for the proper class:
      • FroHum P2
        • Class ID: 11011441
        • Password: kaufman
      • FroHum P4
        • Class ID: 11011452
        • Password: kaufman
      • FroHum P7
        • Class ID: 11011457
        • Password: kaufman
  • Step 5
    • Write down your user name & password
  • Step 6
    • Once you are in the proper class, you will see our first assignment is posted. ┬áThe assignment is titled “1st Q Thematic Essay”
    • When you are finished with your essay, you will click on this and follow the directions to upload the assignment.