10H: 10/5/15

Note: Due to the Summer Reading project, we will reschedule Wednesday’s quiz to ensure each student is properly prepared for the rigor of the quiz.  The quiz will now be on Tuesday 10/13/15.

Today we will review the multiple choice questions from last week.

Then we will review the expectations for tomorrow’s Summer Reading Socratic Seminar.

2015 – Summer Reading – Seminar Questions for Bomb Day


  • Socratic Seminar questions must be completed in full for tomorrow.  Your written responses will be collected and combined with your seminar participation to count as a “Minor Grade.”
    • Each response should incorporate textual evidence as a way to support your ideas.
  • Your Summer Reading annotations are due on Friday 10/11/15
  • The Catcher in the Rye close analysis quiz on Tuesday 10/13/15