FroHum: 10/5/15

Tomorrow Steve Sheinkin is visiting Roslyn High School to speak about his experience writing Bomb.

Please arrive to our classroom promptly so we can go to the seminar right away.

To prepare for Sheinkin’s visit, please begin your formal responses to the following four questions:

2015 – Summer Reading – Seminar Questions for Bomb Day

Your responses to the questions will be the basis for our in-class Socratic Seminar on Wednesday.  Your written responses will be combined with your participation grade to form one “Classwork” grade for Q1.

Likewise, today in class we will prepare a few questions for the author:

  • One question about Sheinkin’s writing process (research, time, editing, etc.)
  • One question about Sheinkin’s inspiration to write the novel
  • One question about the specific story Sheinkin presents


  • Socratic Seminar questions due in class on Wednesday 10/7 (start tonight)
    • You must email Mr. Kaufman a PDF version of the questions
    • You must email Mr. Kaufman from your Roslyn Account & you must use the “*p” procedure we discussed “*p(then put your period number)”
      • Example: If you are in period 2, “*p2” should be in your subject line
  • All summer reading annotations for Bomb are due on Friday 10/9