10H: 10/1/15

Do Now: Re-read chapter 11 from page 85 until the end of the first paragraph on page 89 which ends with, “you really were.”

Independent Work:  Answer the following multiple choice questions.  I recommend that you cross out answers that you are certain are incorrect.  This will increase your odds if you need to guess on a question.  This is the same strategy you will use on the SAT & ACT.

Catcher ch 11 Close Reading Multiple Choice

Group Conversation: We will review today’s questions and explore why some answers are more valid than others.

Note:  This assignment is structured in the same way as next Wednesday’s quiz.


  • Read & annotate chapter 12
  • Quiz next Wednesday.  The quiz will be a close reading on any selected passage from Catcher which we’ve already read.  The quiz will be structured like today’s assignment.  This grade will count as a “minor grade.”