10H: 6/1/15

http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=non-prescription-viagra Today we looked at two videos, both of which featured Radiohead’s song “Creep.”

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follow link The first video was the trailer for the film The Social Network, and the second video was a performance of the song by a homeless man named “Mustard.”

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go to site Your task is to find a connection between the two videos and write a paragraph exploring the connection.


go Your paragraph should have a focused topic sentence, and you should prove your point throughout the paragraph.  Please focus your analysis on the literary elements: theme, mood, tone, symbolism, characterization, etc.

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go site Your paragraphs will be checked as a HW grade on Wednesday.

viagra buy online HW:

  • Golden Ring projects due in class on Wednesday
  • “Creep” paragraphs due on Wednesday