10H: 3/18/15

Today we are going to look at how tone directly impacts the meaning of a work.

More specifically, we will examine how a change in tone can completely change the meaning.

With a partner, you should perform the two scenes with an emphasis upon how tone impacts meaning.

tomorrow, I will randomly select groups to perform their scenes and to briefly discuss how the tone impacted the meaning in the passage.

The Fred Scene

When you are finished, you and your partner should compose a short paragraph that explores how the tone in the Othello scene in the activity impacts the meaning.  Your paragraph should also specifically indicate how a change in tone would change the meaning. This writing will be checked tomorrow in class.


  • Read Act 4.1 & complete a dialectical journal
  • Continue studying vocabulary words; tomorrow we will get additional terms to add to the list
  • Period 6 – Your short paragraphs will be checked tomorrow